Frequently Asked Questions

What's the process for buying a truck from you? 

Tell us what vehicle you want to buy and we will email you a purchase and sales agreement for your signature. Return the signed sales agreement along with payment.  Title will be mailed to you once payment has cleared.

Can you hold a vehicle while I think it over? 

We do not hold vehicles under any circumstances unless you place a non-refundable deposit towards purchase while you arrange financing etc.  Vehicle will remain for sale until until payment or deposit is recieved. 

Do you guys finance? 

Yes and it's easy! We have an online application you can use.  You will get a same day credit decision.  The whole process takes two days (if you're on the ball)  You can also finance delivery fees if applicable. 

Tell me more about your free delivery?

We will delivery your truck free of charge within 300 miles of Boston Ma.  If you are located farther away, that's ok, we will still deliver to you for a reduced rate that will be significantly cheaper than most shipping companies. Call for a quote. 

Are these new trucks? 

No, of course they aren't.  They are however, well maintained, reliable vehicles that will get the job done, whether you're a FedEx contractor or Food Truck business.  You will likely find minor cosmetic blemishes, maybe a ding or two, missing cup holders and a scratch. If we paint a vehicle we use a roll-on industrial paint.  It's not a $3000 paint job, but it's durable,looks good and is easy to touch up.   

Do your trucks come with a warranty? 

No.  Do your due diligence if you have a concern.  That being said, we road test everything we sell and we wouldn't be selling it if we didn't think it would be a reliable work ready truck.  If you would like to arrange a 3rd party pre-sale inspection we would be happy to accommodate you. 

What other fees are associated with a purchase?

We charge an additional $395 documentation charge per vehicle.  

You didn't answer my question! 

...Give us a call and we will address all your questions and concerns.